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MiamiArt River 2012

Consuelo RODRIGUEZ wins the 2011 Il Segno Contemporary Art Prize Entries from Over 200 Italian Artists Now into its third year, the Il Segno contemporary art prize attracted entries from just under 250 artists. Many of the works under consideration for the prize were on show at the Zamenhof and there was plenty to see. Also good to see was the number of people the awards ceremony attracted and the director of the Zamenhof gallery Virgil Patarini was on hand too, as were his heady cocktails, some experience of which I had had on a previous art occasion: Talented Italian Artists at the Zamenhof in Milan

The other prize winners drawn from a short list of 20 artists were: The Best figurative work – Marc Chagall Prize went to Consuelo Rodriguez Impressive Standard!

If what you can see above is an example of standard of art which the Il Segno generates, long may it continue – and believe me, the work of all the artists who participated in this year’s Il Segno was to a very high standard.


Here’s to Il Segno 2012! By Alex ROE (a part of)